Welcome to our ticket shop.

In the customer portal, you can see your customer data and your bills 
for the HandyTicket.

If you want to buy HandyTickets, download the NVV Mobile App Download.

The NVV-HandyTicket is available as
  • Single adult ticket
  • Single ticket under 18
  • MultiTicket single
  • MultiTicket and
  • Hessenticket
Thats how it works:
  1. Register for free in the NVV Customer Portal. In the portal, you can track all 
    HandyTicket purchases and retrieve invoices. If you would like to pay for the 
    HandyTickets via your mobile phone bill or if you want to withdraw from your 
    prepaid credit, you do not need to register. There is a service charge for 
    paying by mobile phone bill.
  2. Download the NVV Mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. After you have installed the NVV Mobile App, you can buy tickets and 
    drive off.